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Leasburg Ruritan Club began its orgaization in December 1971 with the purpose to create a better understanding amoung people and through volunteer service to make our community a better place to live and work.
Our main focus is on improving the quality of life for the citizens of Leasburg while perserving the historic community, its scenic beauty, and its rural character.
These objectives are accomplished through the volunteer efforts of club members and donations from businesses and others.

Join us every 4th Tuesday at our Club house located at 3537 Highway 119 North, Leasburg, NC from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.
Dinner and fellowship are followed by business of the club.  In addition informational speakers are invited to the club and on occasions entertainment is provided.
There are 3 ways for anyone age 6 to 200 to join our organiztion. Regular, Associate, and Youth/Student. Dues to join are: Regular - $50.00; Associate - $44.00; and Youth/Studen - $15.00.  There is a onetime $5.00 application fee when you join.
Dues help Ruritan National give the needed funds to help the Clubs administratively and by providing liability insurance for all our Public events.


President - Thomas Gilreath
Vice-President - John C. Berdine
Secretary - Barbara J. Berdine
Treasurer - Wanda Richmond
3yr Director - Margret Ann Williams
2 yr Director - Dixie Vernon
1 yr Director - Mary Jane Richmond

December 28, 1971 Leasburg Ruritan Club was officially formed. The Cobb Memorial Ruritan Club sponsored them and aided them in organizing there new club. Woodrow Cook, a charter member, was instrumental in the organization of our club. There were 27 members who enthusiastically signed the charter. The original officers: President – Charles Hutchinson, Vice-President – Jim Powell, Secretary – Wayne Owen, Treasurer – Curtis Briggs, and Directors – Woodrow Cook, Jonah Kirby, & Gilbert Lunsford.

The Ruritan Club held its first meetings at the Leasburg Methodist Church. They later purchased the land and building where they are located today from the Presbyterian Church.

Leasburg Ruritan Club has been very involved with the Leasburg Community and they were instrumental in the organization of the Leasburg Volunteer Fire Department. They have held many benefit dinners for area families, drive folks to the doctor when needed, highway clean up, blood drives, scholarship donations.

In 1995 the original building caught fire and was nearly destroyed. It took 2 years and several man hours and donations to rebuild. James “Snake” Ashby was the man who led the way. He worked many hours getting things in order from material to the laborer’s who helped to rebuilt

In 2006 Leasburg Ruritan Club received its first Blue Ribbon Award from Ruritan National. We have received 4 additional Blue Ribbon Award’s since. The Blue Ribbon Award is the highest honor a Ruritan Club can receive from Ruritan National for its Community Service, Goodwill, and Fellowship in its Community.

To help celebrate our 40 years, the North Carolina Army National Guard, Search and Surveillance Crew; CW4 Pope and CW2 Cruchin flew in an OH58 Scout helicopter and landed at the Ruritan Club. The Leasburg Fire Department brought 4 trucks and several men to assist. The Person High School JROTC, Commander CW Ratchin and about 15 cadets came to participate in the activities.

2002 Ruritan National Past President and First Lady Millard and Marty Thacker, Ruritan National Vice-President and husband Phyllis and Bill Lewter, 2010 Past Piedmont District Governor John Berdine, and Piedmont District Treasurer and wife Curtis and Mary Lou Oliver were in attendance. The only charter member in attendance was Gene Williams.

The ceremony had many memories restated by members of the club. Many times eyes watered and the club filled with laughter. We had special music provided by John Berdine.

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Fellowship, Goodwill, & Community Service